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World Record Anvil  6500 POUNDS!!

According to J. D. Napier, there is a practical use for such a large anvil.

“What we’re wanting to do is have several different blacksmiths here, two or three at a time,” Napier said. “That way we can all work with the anvil at the same time.”

According to, welders Marcus Walters, Larry Shepherd, Mac Brock, Michael Middleton, Logan Lewis, Ryan Patterson, Anthony Brown and Fred Loving also worked on the anvil.

At 6,500 pounds, the anvil is the biggest anvil in existence, says Napier.

“Another guy by the name of Ray Davis did one that was 5,280 pounds,” Napier said.

Napier mentioned that an anvil has been a required tool for blacksmiths for ages.

He has submitted paperwork to Guinness Book of World Records to have his anvil recognized as the world’s largest. To visit his shop, and admire his work with hoes, knives and much more use the contact info below.

Napier said he does sell his products, and can be contacted by phone at 606-558-3936 or 606-273-4189, or Marcus Walters at 606.909.0402


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