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Creech Chevrolet

Where Buying Local really means saving big bucks.  PM Evarts, Ky

Matts Feed and Seed

Located at Brookside between Evarts and Harlan Matts has all your farm needs, meds for animals U-haul rentals and more...we use his services all the time  WM, Harlan, Ky

Evarts United Methodist Church 

Every visit we make to the Evarts Trailhead  we also attend the local Church we are welcome any way we come even in our riding attair. The folks here are very friendly and make you feel right at home. For Church Info Click HERE

Harlan Huddle House

If we can only make it in for a day or two or for a full week we always find a way to eat at the huddle hosue in harlan. Clean great workers and super food..we will be back. AT N.Ky

My old Kentucky Home

The owners are reporting this is the best spring they have had, with folks booking up into the fall, thanks for a great job of pushing our rental and our area to the public.

Both owners are reporting call's and reservations from new people wanting to come visit and those that have are giving good feedback. 

 Evarts Trail Head Rental 

A new place to stay right in town, ride your toy anywhere in town you need to go, very clean and nice place to stay, super folks to rent from, we will be back. R.S. Alabama 

Evarts Subway   The staff here is very friendly and the location is always clean, seems like they have a new special each time we stop in. We dine in at times or just place the order to go and hang out at the fire pit. We always stop by. J. W. OH

Comfort Inn 

The Poke Sallat was the first of this kind for us, we see more festivals and events on this site and will be back, the make over of the Comfort Inn makes it a class act to stay at.  G.S. N.Ky 

Evarts RV 

We camped at the RV site behind the Dairy Hut during the Ramp Festival, trails were nice, and the fellowship around the dinner was super. S. L. Ohio 

Corner Cafe  

When we ride in Evarts at least one meal a day come's  from the Corner Cafe a nice clean location, super food and great people.  E.B. W. Ky 

Mount Aire Motel 

When we visit the only place we stay is the Log Motel, Mount Aire, clean, nice, and super staff. D.L. W.Ky

The Dairy Hut in Evarts is always a stopping place for us, our favorite is their Ice Cream, we look foward to the new Dairy Hut coming soon, we got our ice cream fix from their other location in Harlan just as good. For a cheap, BUT SUPER FOOD, check out the breakfast at the Marathon Station in Evarts. M.S. Va.

Bike Nite in Cumberland

If you own a bike or not you should attend this each month, the city closed down the street and we had great music, good friends, and good food. B.H. TN